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Piano Tuning near me?

Are you looking for a Piano Tuning service?

There’s no need to look any further, Dan Malloy has been tuning pianos for over 35 years. He can travel around eastern Iowa and services cities like Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, and Robins.

Dan Malloy Piano Tuning

Contact Dan Malloy, RPT, BME, MA, 35-year member of PTG and expert piano tuner!

Why should you hire a piano tuner?

To keep your piano in the best possible working condition it should be serviced at least twice a year by a qualified piano technician. Pianos go out of tune with the change of seasons and humidity.

There is nothing more important to the success of a student who is studying piano than to have a good sounding piano and one that works properly.

Dan will not only tune the piano but he’s qualified to fix other problems that develop over time such as sticking keys, compressed felt and broken action parts.

To assure your piano is serviced properly, you should hire a technician who is a member of the PIANO TECHNICIANS GUILD with the rating of RPT, or Registered Piano Technician.

It may cost more to hire a PTG member to service your piano because a service is more than just tuning.
Certain areas of your piano might need expert adjustments or repair.  A PTG technician is skilled in all areas of piano maintenance.

Anyone can buy an electric tuner and an adjustment hammer and call themselves a “piano tuner”.  But to really know the full range of the piano and how to deal with all of its complexities, it takes years to learn.

So when hiring a technician, instead of asking “How much do you charge”, ask “How much experience do you have?”

You will receive your money’s worth.

How often do I need to tune my piano?

If you haven’t had your piano serviced for 5 – 10 years don’t be surprised if the technician recommends another tuning in 2 – 3 weeks because putting too much tension on the strings at one time makes them go flat within a few days.

What is piano tuning?

According to Wikipedia Piano tuning is making minor adjustments to the tension of the piano strings. This is to properly align the intervals between the tones so that the piano is in tune.

Do you have any questions about piano tuning?

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