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Piano Restoration

Piano Restoration

Dan Malloy Specialty Pianos has been in the piano restoration business for almost 30 years.
Hundreds of unique pianos have passed through our shop. They have come in old & tired and left beautifully restored to delight their owners for future generations.

Malloys offer the following services:
• Complete refinishing
• Re-stringing with new pinblocks
• Action restoration services (Hammers, Whippers, Shanks & Flanges)
• Soundboard replacement/bridge recapping
• Damper replacement
• Trapwork restoration
• Keytop replacement

Malloys are authorized and trained to install the Wapin system bridge pin replacement. This is a reconfiguration of the bridge pin arrangement to bring out the utmost in tonal clarity that can be attained from your piano.

Memorable Rebuilds

See a few of our most memorable rebuilds and restorations here