Welcome! Dan Malloy Specialty Pianos is a unique business that has developed through many changes over the past 30 years. Originally the Malloy Piano Factory began operation in the 1970’s in Oelwein, Iowa. In the early 1980’s the business was moved to Cedar Rapids and expanded into a retail operation specializing in the sale of new keyboard instruments and the restoration of vintage heirloom pianos

When it became apparent that our restoration services were increasing in demand and was the areas of our greatest expertise, it was decided in 2001 to form Dan Malloy Specialty Pianos. Thus our niche in the business was found, the area we had actually been seeking for the past 30 years!

Our company now is more streamlined and built upon our past knowledge and expertise in the piano business. We have a very strong reputation in this field, based on customer satisfaction and attention to detail. We exist primarily to serve you, the customer.

Transform your upright or grand piano into a self-playing piano!

Don’t have the skill needed to fill your home or business with beautiful, classical music, but wish you did? We are licensed to install the world famous PianoDisc player system in both upright and grand pianos.

Malloy Pianos is now a Mason & Hamlin dealer in Iowa. 

Pianos are on display at our location in Cedar Rapids. Visit  masonhamlin.com to see all models available and more information about this investment-quality piano made in the USA