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Piano Sales in Cedar Rapids, IA
Player Pianos in Cedar Rapids, IA

Turning your existing piano into a self-playing one couldn't be easier!

We are factory accredited and trained to install the famous PianoDisc player system in both grand and upright pianos.

You can always count on us for great service because we are one of the longest standing dealers of this fine product in the U.S., with over 20 years of experience in retrofit players systems.

For those of you not familiar with the system, PianoDisc will convert an ordinary acoustic piano into a high-tech computerized player piano!


Lift the spirit of your home or business with a self-playing piano!

Unfortunately, piano playing is not a highly sought after skill nowadays thanks to the invention of the television, cellular phone, and the internet. However, that doesn't mean you can't fill your home or business with beautiful, classical music!

Call us today and find out how you can turn your home into a concert hall!

Because we're so skilled at fixing up pianos, we're able to provide your existing piano with a new self-playing system. More interested in a traditional piano? We sell many of those too at prices that range from just a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

PianoDisc provides an iPad as the main controller. You can down load all the play lists to your own iPad if you already own one. Installation is placed under the key bed and is virtually invisible when viewing the piano and does not affect the normal use of the piano in any way.

Self Playing Player Pianos in Cedar Rapids, IA

PianoDisc iQ system
being installed in a Schimmel grand

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Current PianoDisc Prices

1. IQ Flex Air - customer provides playback device. Includes 2 custom speakers, low-profile driver, IQ Controller and software containing $1400 of PianoDisc music, power supply and CPU.
Installed price - $7200

2. IQ iPad 64 Air - Includes all of the above plus an iPad loaded with $1400 of music. Installed price - $9400.00


1. iQ Air - customer provided playback device such as an iPad. Comes with Intelligent Choice $1400 music package, wireless airport playback, and iQ Controller. Installed price - $2200

2. iQ 64G iPad System - includes wireless airport playback, iQ controller, iPad loaded with $1400 music package.
Installed price - $4400.00

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